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What is it?

A quick and effective way to PLAN (especially when you are Lost in the Fog,  going on a Quest or making a Movie.) StickySteps will help you gain perspective of the overall project but quickly help you identify small steps you can take NOW rather than worrying too much about future potential activities (activities that if you're on a Quest or Lost in the Fog may only be ideas of what you might need to do).

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StickyStepsTM WorkPad Template.pdfStickyStepsTM WorkPad Template.pdf QwikGuide-Teach StickySteps.pdf

About QUBE
“QUBE, an innovative virtual world from Pentacle The Virtual Business School”
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QUBE is a facilitated, collaboration service that will guarantee you Learn to Transform to achieve your goals faster, cheaper and better with more buy-in.

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