P E N T A C L E  T E A M

           Diversity, Originality, Passion


Quiz: What do these people have in common?

  1. -A chemical engineer who became an International Management guru

  2. -A former director of innovation for Sony Europe

  3. -A world-class virtuoso pianist

  4. -A former Airbus pilot and founder of creategy at Cape Town (South Africa)

  5. -A founder of the center of creativity at Cranfield, teaching United Nations

  6. -An explorer and a helicopter instructor

  7. -A South African expert on learning techniques

  8. -A world-class designer, former Director of IDEO

  9. -A former director of Royal Mail Innovation

  10. -A programme director for Time Warner

  11. -A former Vice-President of the World Bank

  12. -A renowned philosopher / anthropologist

  13. -A former Director-Supply Chain Kraft Foods, an expert in 'serious games'

  14. -A former director of the Design Council

  15. -A ministerial advisor on innovation


  1. Charm and wit ;-)

  2. Learning synthesised from business + education

  3. A pragmatic and applied approach
    (what counts is what is learned, not what is taught!)

  4. Willingness to share business experiences

  5. A shared vision and a coherent, New World approach

  6. A multi-cultural vision of the world

  7. Proven and irreverent use of humor

  8. An original style, not 'academic', integrating emotion and practical tools

  9. A rejection of tired case studies, dusty exercises and boring masterclasses 

  10. A contagious energy

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