W H O  A R E  W E ?

           People say we are “Different”... What do you think?

Four minutes to discover what makes Pentacle different ...

A Network of Teachers who know Business and Business People who can Teach:

A consistent business focus

'Applied Learning' designed by virtual teams

 An innovative approach that is refreshingly novel

 Truly 'bespoke' projects

 Limited fixed costs

A completely different Educational Framework, centred around the person but designed to help the entire organisation:

A team of teachers, 'accomplices' and guests

 A 'provocative' approach (unlearn before learning)

 Dealing with the 'soft' before the 'hard'

 A focus on what really makes the difference

 Solving the underlying problem not just the symptom

The Way We Do Things
- Exclusive Content (custom made)
- Each Assignment = Project
- Virtual Teams (Teachers + Executives)
- Shared Web Space for tutors, clients and delegates
- Fast Research using proprietary methodologies
- Knowledge Management for every project
Our programs are designed with our customers based on proven design methods. They tell a story, they appeal to emotion and behavior ...
"What will I do differently when I return to the office tomorrow morning?"
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