O L D  W O R L D  &  N E W  W O R L D

           Welcome to The World After Midnight!


Are you already behind on work that you have been given 5 minutes ago?

Do you only recognise your children because their picture is pasted on your PC?

Is your diet based on the remains of sandwich trays left after your meetings?

Does doing what you've always done no longer deliver the expected results?

Do you want to create profound change in your culture, behavior, skills?

Do you want to learn what others do not already know.

It is time to talk to us!

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You wake up one morning to discover that virtually everything you've learned before to become an effective manager and to better manage your business is of no use ...

We believe that this has become a reality. A part of you probably recognises the same fact.

Con’t worry, you will not have to experience this unpleasant feeling very long - just to learn new things ...


You know you have entered the New World when:

You bump into someone at your office who seems relaxed and is walking slowly: he’s a visitor!

You're already behind the work that you have been given 5 minutes ago.

You begin to see a lot of people you have never met before.

You are very excited by the prospect of a budget increase of 1.7%.

Your family describe your job as: "Working on the computer".

You recognise your children because their picture is pasted on your Desktop.

You are reading this and nodding thoughtfully.

Your diet is based on stale sandwiches left at the end of meetings.

Being sick means not being able to walk or already in hospital.

There is no budget for the 5 posts that you need, but your boss pays a team of 4 full time consultants to advise on strategy.

Your boss’s favorite phrases are: ‘when you have a few minutes ...’, ‘Could you take a look ...’, ‘in your spare time...’, ‘I know you're busy, but ...’, ‘I have an opportunity for you ....’.

Your company badge is attached by velcro.

Your CV is on a USB key in your pocket.

You learn that you have been made redundant via the intranet at 9:00 am.

Your biggest problem after a system crash is the loss of your databases of jokes.

Your boss is unable to perform your job.

It is still dark when you go to work and when you come back - even in summer.

The candidates you recruit start to laugh when you tell them the salary level of the position.

You tell jokes via email rather than verbally.

When you get home, you answer the phone and say 'Hello, Dupont's here...’