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What is it?

A quick, collaborative way of gaining a broad understanding of why change needs to happen and what specifically needs to be done. The perfect project or task initiation process and a way to align the team and stakeholders on the overall business case for the change.  

It involves 4 questions:

The GAP - The difference between where you are and where you want to end up.
IF NOT FIXED - What will happen in the foreseeable future if no action is taken.
IF FIXED - What will happen if we can successfully resolve the gap.
WHY NOT FIXED YET - All the factors and barriers associated with enabling the gap

The answers to these four questions will give you an aligned and clear understanding of the challenge in terms of complexity, size, cost and benefits.

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Blank PDF:

Document IconGapLeap.pdfType: application/pdf
Name: GapLeap.pdf

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Completed PET:

Gap Analysis.pdf

Presentation showing the build up:

GapLeap New.pptGapLeap New.ppt

About QUBE
“QUBE, an innovative virtual world from Pentacle The Virtual Business School”
Financial Times


QUBE is a facilitated, collaboration service that will guarantee you Learn to Transform to achieve your goals faster, cheaper and better with more buy-in.

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